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The Harm of Sleep Frequently Insufficient

The Harm of Sleep Frequently Insufficient

Sleep, our daily source of vitality. Sleeping, is related to the people health and wisdom, it is about one third of life is spent in the sleep. However, nearly half of human have trouble in sleeping problem in the world. How does insomnia impact us? What kind of harm if there is not getting enough sleep? According to the World Health Organization survey, the data showed about 27 percent of people with insomnia. About 30 percent of adults are suffering from insomnia sleep disorder. In the United States alone, more than 5 million users, hundreds of millions of people in our country there are different degrees of insomnia. What kind of harm can be brought up with chronic insomnia? Some researchers have pointed out: insomnia can be brought up the some problems like these,


At first, affects cerebrum’s creative thinking. Once there have the scientific researchers to divide 24 university students into two groups, let them to carry on the examination first, at the end, the result of two groups examines to be the same. Then, let a group of student to not sleep one night, another group normal sleep, carry on the examination again. The result between two groups is different, student’s examination result which does not have the sleep to be lower than the normal sleep group. From this, the scientific researchers believed that human’s cerebrum wants the thought to be clear, the response is keen, must have the sufficient sleep, if the long-term sleep is insufficient, the cerebrum cannot obtain the full rest, will affect cerebrum’s creative thinking and processing thing ability.


Second, affects young people’s growth. Modern research finds that young people’s growth is related to growth hormone secretion in addition to genetics, nutrition, exercise and other factors. Growth hormone secretion is a hormone that produced by the hypothalamus, which promotes bone, muscle, organ. Due to growth hormone secretion and sleep are closely related, people after asleep, has a large secretion peak, then there are several small secretion peaks, while in non-sleep state, growth hormone secretion reduce gradually. Therefore, young people, to development, must be sufficient sleep.


Third, affects the skin. Human skin is smooth and shiny, relying on the subcutaneous tissue of the capillaries to provide adequate nutrition. Lack of sleep can cause skin capillaries in stasis, circulation, makes skin cells do not have access to adequate nutrition, thus affecting the skin’s metabolism, accelerate the aging of the skin, making skin color look dark and pale.


At last, insomnia is easy to lead to disease. The sleep is frequently insufficient, will cause the person mood anxious, the immunity will reduce, so will cause all sorts of diseases to occur, like neurasthenia, cold, stomach and intestines disease and so on. Sweden medical research personnel discovered that the sleep insufficient will also cause the cholesterol content in the blood to advance, improve the rate of heart disease’s happen, an Australia’s Research society proposed, human body’s cell division many will carry on the sleep, the sleep insufficiency or the sleep disorder, will affect cell’s normal fission, from this will have the possibility to have cancer cell’s sudden change to cause cancer’s occurrence. In general, disparity in age’s person needs sleep time is different every day. Middle-school student should rest every day 8-9 hour, adult to rest every day for 7-8 hours.

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