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Importance of Sleep in Controlling Blood Sugar

Importance of Sleep in Controlling Blood Sugar

Importance of Sleep in Controlling Blood Sugar

Sleep is important for any living mammal organism and more important is getting right amount of rest and sleep. This takes  control of ones health and unfortunately it is often over looked.  It will be great if you could go to bed and wake up with better blood  chemistry even blood sugar.

 Research suggests that not getting the shuteye you need may contribute to insulin resistance. One reason is that poor sleepers often experience sleep apnea, a condition that interferes with normal breathing and has been linked to diabetes. There has been evidence that sleep by itself helps the body use glucose more efficiently.

One study found that people averaged roughly 5 hours of sleep had 40% lower insulin sensitivity than people who got about 8 hours.

 Do we get enough sleep? Probably not : most people get 60 – 90 minutes less than they need. If this sounds like a problem with a simple solution, it is. Spend more time in bed.

Getting enough sleep is as much about quality as quantity, and its not always easy to drift off when you want to , especially when your under stress.

 Fortunately, if you are following my 3 step program, you’re already doing plenty that will help you get good sleep : eating right, exercising and managing stress. Try these tips.

 1.         Don’t sleep in. Snoozing later on week ends to try to catch up on sleep may throw your rhythm out and may be harder to get to sleep at night. If you are going to add sleep time – do it by going to bed earlier.

2.         Reserve your bedroom for sleep – Take the TV OUT

 3.        When I have a clear mind I finally drift off.

 4.         Know when to go to bed. Figure out a schedule and try to stick with it the best that you can. Often times we loose track of time and get watching TV and before we know it is is past midnight.

 5.         If you wake up in the middle of the night stay in bed, you will have a better chance of falling back to sleep.

 So ending this it is very important that we make the time to get adequate rest in the form of sleep for better living. Work will be carried out if one enjoy good health and living. What can do having poor health only ill person knows that and know worth of.

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