I Ignored My Daughters Bedwetting

For years now, I have tried so many ways of handling/dealing with my daughter’s bedwetting problem.  We believed the pediatrician when he said it would go away…that was untrue.  Then when we backed him into a corner he prescribed a drug…that didn’t work and his solution was to keep increasing the dosage.  Then,  for a few years,  we ignored it thinking we were doing her a big favor by “not making a big deal”.

At thirteen my daughter came to me and asked when we were going to find an expert and deal with her bedwetting.  I googled and found You!

The Enuresis Treatment Program is great because my daughter was spoken to with respect, all our questions were answered at the time of the consultation and we understood about the core problem:  the deep sleep disorder!

We understood the work ahead.  Our specialist, Sue, was so understanding, and she was spot on with what needed to be done and when.  The results were so satisfying.

Jacki and I have a big thanks for all your help.  She transformed into a “morning person” who was able to get out of bed on her own and always a dry bed.  Her self esteem soared.  Her grades improved because she said she was not longer tired during the day.

I wish we would have stop ignoring this and researched and found you sooner.

Best wishes

Diane Marshall

Sonoma, California

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