What Makes Us The Experts

The Bedwetting Clinic treats children, teenagers, and adults. Enuresis is a symptom of a deep sleep disorder
Meet The Directors

Meet Barbara Moore.  She has been where you are.  Frustrated and exhausted by her daughter, Gaile’s, bedwetting, she made it her personal mission to find a cure and change Gaile’s life.  After years of being misdirected and misinformed, Barbara finally discovered that the primary cause for bedwetting is an inherited gene which produces a deep sleep disorder. With the missing puzzle piece in place, Barbara developed the bedwetting protocol used to end her daughter’s bedwetting, which had a remarkable input on her quality of life.

The Enuresis Treatment Center is the premier clinic for the treatment of bedwetting.  There is no other clinic in the world with our success rate of 97%, our expert bedwetting treatment staff, or our 35 years of experience.  Our program is safe, drug free, and can be provided with telephone support or in our clinic, located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Over the years, we have changed the lives of thousands of children, teenagers, and adult bedwetters.  We can offer the same treatment to you!

For your consideration:

  • Our bedwetting treatment is equally effective whether conducted at our clinic or via the telephone
  • Our clinic is open six days a week and we work with families in all time zones.
  • References are available and can be contacted.  Many have personally met our staff.
  • We have the distinction of being the only clinic in the industry to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Please visit our clinic website at www.nobedwetting.com or telephone us at 800.379.2331.

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